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BORAN STEEL CASTING IND.& TRADECO.INC was founded in 2006 in ANKARA-Baskent Organized Industry Zone on a land of 5400 m² with a total closed area of 3250 m². Over the years, BORAN has gradually specialized in the production of low-medium-high alloyed steel castings, wear resistant....
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Boran Steel

BORAN STEEL CASTING IND& TRADE CO. INC.  was founded  in 2006 on its closed facilities of 3,250 m2  located in a 5400 m2 land in ANKARA-Başkent Organized Industrial Zone. Over the years, by gradually specializing  in the production of casting parts from Low-Medium-High alloy steels, High Temperature Resistant Steels, Wear-Resistant Austenitic Manganese Steels and High Chromium White Cast Irons, and Stainless Steels  in small, medium or high-scale batches, with or without mechanical processing,  BORAN has gained a place among the well-known companies in its sector.

At the point we have reached today,  Boran  has an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons in its 7,000 m2 closed facilities located on a 11,000 m2 land, and exports 70% of its production.

The net weight of the casting parts we produce is from 1 Kg. to 2000 Kgs. in between. We supply casting parts tor applications in lndustrial Machinery Manufacturing Sector, Cement Industry, Mining and Stone Crushing Industry, Ready-Mixed Concrete and Asphalt Plants Industry, Waste-to-Energy and Biomass-to-Energy Incineration Sector,  and Baskets and Grids tor the Heat Treatment Plants.

We use Furan Resin Sand Molding and Shell Sand molding systems. Thanks to our longstanding  experience in heat treatment processes, we guarantee the required hardness, yield-tensile strength, % elongation and notch impact strength of the parts we produce. Our company has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Certificate from Germany TÜV-NORD company. All quality controls are carried out by our highly qualified personnel in accordance with international standards.