Introductory Video
BORAN STEEL CASTING IND.& TRADECO.INC was founded in 2006 in ANKARA-Baskent Organized Industry Zone on a land of 5400m2 with a total closed area of 3250 m2. Over the years, BORAN has gradually specialized in the production of low-medium-high alloyed steel castings, wear resistant....


  • Casting Design and Simulation
    • Solidworks 3D CAD Design Software
    • Casting Simulation Software (NOVACAST)
  • Pattern and Moulding
    • 1x10 Tons/Hour Capasity Furan Resin Omega Continius Sand Mixer
    • Omega Continius Moulding Line, Mould Shake Out and Reclamation Unit
  • Melting and Casting
    • 2x500 Kgs. Inductotherm Power Track High Frequency Induction Fumaces
    • 1x1000 Kgs. Inductotherm Power Track High Frequency Induction Furnaces
    • Yatay ve Dikey Pota Isıtma Üniteleri
  • Mould Coating
    • FOSECO Flow Coating Unit
    • Spray and Brush Coating
  • Haeat Treatment
    • 1x15 Tons and 1x5 Tons Capacity, PLC Controlled, Programmable, Heat and Graphic Follow Unit, NAtural Gas Fired, Heat Treatment Furnaces and Water Quenching Pool
  • Shot Blasting
    • 1 Tons Capacity ENDUMAK Monorail Magnetic Separator Shot Blasting Machine
  • Quality Assurance
    • SPECTROLAB Digital Sourced, Multioptical System Spectrometer
    • ALŞA Tensile and Charpy Impact Test Equipments
    • Bulut Machinery BMS201-R Stationary Hardness Tester Equipments (HRC)
    • Proceg Equotip2 Portable Hardness Tester Equipments(Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers)
    • Ernst Portable Hardness Tester Equipments
    • Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle and Penetrant Testing Equipments
    • Metallographic Test Equipments
    • Several Types of Mitutoya Dimension Control Equipments Bore Gates, Height Gates, Micrometers, Calipers